5 Things to Make Your SMS Marketing a Success

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SMS marketing can be a great way to send messages to your target audience, but like all marketing, you want to make sure that it is done well so that it is worth your time and investment. If you are new to this marketing channel or simply want to improve your SMS marketing, here are 5 things you need to make sure it is a success.

1. Good software

While it is possible to send messages from your own phone, you’ll want to get a professional service if you intend to optimise your SMS marketing. This will help you to send bulk messages, track your campaigns and assess the performance of your marketing. A good software will show you open rates as well as leads generated by different SMS campaigns so that you can see which ones had the biggest impact.


2. Thorough plan

The best way to make sure your SMS marketing is a success is to develop a comprehensive plan. Put together a schedule outlining when you will send messages and what text each message will contain. Take note of the times that you send out messages as this can have an impact on the success of your campaigns.


3. Understanding of your audience

The audience should always be the focus when it comes to marketing. Make sure you invest in research so that you have a clear picture of the people you want to target. Consider their age, likes and dislikes, and why they are interested in your business. This information will help to guide the content of your messages and make sure you are engaging the right people.

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4. Clear messaging

An SMS doesn’t give you much room to work with – a total of 160 characters, in fact. This means you have to be very clear and deliberate with the information you want to share. Always use clear messaging so you can guarantee that your target audience understands exactly what you are saying. Be as concise as you possibly can as you need to engage consumers from the instant they begin reading the SMS.


5. Strong call-to-actions

Every SMS should contain a strong call to action that outlines exactly how an individual can get more information or make a purchase. Without this, there is a  good chance people will just delete the message because it is too difficult to follow up.