6 Steps to Creating the Ultimate SMS Marketing Campaign

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If you are looking for another way to market your business to consumers, SMS marketing may just be the tool for you. It’s a quick, effective way of sending direct messages to individuals and has been shown to have a higher open rate than emails (which we all know can easily be ignored as they build up in our inboxes). For those of you are new to this type of marketing channel, we’ve put together a list of 6 simple steps to create the ultimate SMS marketing campaign.

1. Pick a software

Begin by selecting a reliable, high-quality SMS marketing software. You don’t want to be using your personal mobile to message customers and this will allow you to automate the process, as well as monitor progress and effectiveness.


2. Identify the purpose

As with all marketing techniques, you want your SMS marketing campaign to have an impact. Spend some time thinking about the purpose of the campaign and what you are hoping to achieve. This will help you to write the message and ensure it has the focus you need it to.


3. Create a message

Now it’s time to compile the actual text you want to send to your SMS contact list. SMS literally stands for Short Message Service to make sure your message is brief and direct. You want it to engage instantly and quickly communicate the information you want to convey.

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4. Choose the recipients

The best marketing campaigns are targeted, focusing specifically on a group of people that will find value in the message you are sending. Think back to your purpose and key messages, then select recipients that will find your SMS campaign engaging and beneficial.


5. Ensure value is being provided

You will be wasting your time and a good marketing opportunity if you don’t provide value to your consumers through your SMS marketing campaign. Make sure that it is offering some sort of message that consumers will be interested in. Otherwise, individuals will be quick to delete your message and probably unsubscribe.


6. Track the results

All marketing activities should be reviewed and evaluated to assess their success – SMS marketing campaigns are no different. Use your software to track the impact of your campaign, looking at open rates and things like leads generated. Have you received more enquiries after the SMS? More sales? It’s important to know these things so that you can improve on your campaigns each time.