6 Things All SMS Marketing Beginners Should Know

SMS marketing is a technique commonly used to round out a comprehensive marketing strategy. It’s an additional channel that can be used to connect with consumers, helping you to broaden your reach and share key messages. While SMS marketing is quite simple, we understand that you may be daunted if you’re new to this type of marketing. The great news is that you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of 6 things all SMS marketing beginners should know so that you’ll be able to navigate an SMS marketing campaign with ease

1. An SMS can have a maximum of 160 text characters.

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, which is pretty self-explanatory. An SMS is designed to be a short, sharp message that is direct and to the point. From a marketing perspective, this means you are working with a limited number of characters – 160 to be exact. This means that it is crucial to develop messages that are succinct while still conveying a message.


2. Timing is important

The time that you send an SMS can have an impact on the effectiveness of your campaign. Research shows that there are certain hours of the day where different demographic groups are more active on their phones. For instance, full-time workers might be on their phones the most during their morning commute, while parents may check their phones at night after the children have gone to bed. Know your audience, so you understand when your messages will have the most significant likelihood of success.


3. Invest energy in planning

Given that timing is important, it’s worth making a plan. Schedule different messages for different days at different times to target different groups of consumers.

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4. Always use software.

You should never ever send a marketing SMS from your own personal phone directly to individual consumers. Instead, the software will help you to manage an SMS campaign in a planned, professional manner.


5. Gather contacts legally

While it is crucial to build your contact list so that you can maximise your reach, make sure that you do this legally. Every individual must consent to receive marketing material from you via SMS; otherwise, it is illegal.


6. Track your progress

Another benefit of an SMS marketing software is that it will help you to track your campaigns and assess effectiveness. It is essential to evaluate all marketing efforts to ensure you are investing in the right area.