SMS Marketing To Get Feet Through Your Doors

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Local businesses need a consistent flow of customers to be successful. Whether you are a shop owner or you provide a service such as plumbing on electrical work, you need people to choose your business as their goods or service provider.

The marketing science tells us that it takes at least 7 touches from your business before the average person will consider doing business with you. That means you need to speak to the same potential client at least 7 times before they will be open to engaging in a small transaction with you. Once they have engaged in a small transaction with you, the key is to keep them coming back for more.

SMS Marketing can help you with this process. By offering value in return for the small transaction of getting a client’s cell phone number, your advertising message is targeted. If all 7 the “touches” your client had from your advertising, each sent a different message, then they were 7 wasted “touches”. Your message and your call to action has to be consistent. The small transaction which entails them giving you their cell phone number does not cost the client anything, but if you provide adequate value in return for their number, they will be more receptive to any offers that you might send to their cellphone.

ClickSMS offers a free SMS marketing course

Once you have their cell phone number and you provide them with valuable information or advice, you will start building a relationship with them. Once the relationship has been established you can use the client’s number to send them service and product offerings. You can also send them booking reminders in the case of running a service orientated business. After sales care can also be scheduled via SMS. Imagine receiving an SMS to inquire about your satisfaction with your purchase 1 or 2 days after you purchased an item. A carefully planned SMS campaign can put your business a step above


How to get started?

The first step would be to register for a FREE ClickSMS account and to have your account verified. After that, we can communicate with your website developer and supply the necessary API information to them so that they can integrate the SMS system into your business processes. Our friendly staff are also on standby to teach you how the platform works and how to get the best out of our system. As an added bonus we will double your credits on your first purchase, so please ask our sales team about that offer.

ClickSMS offers a free SMS marketing course. You can sign up here for this course and get started on undersanding SMS Marketing better.